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School kids to be prepared to sip on water class at Tamil Nadu.

November 17, 2019
School kids to be prepared to sip on water class at Tamil Nadu.

CHENNAI: Created by neighbouring Kerala’s initiative to ring reminder bell for students to sip water class, the state government on Thursday announced to take five to ten minutes each day to encourage children to drink water at the class and stay hydrated.

The statement, on Children’s Day, gladdened the hearts of parents and NGOs, since it has become a enormous relief because the kids often return home along with their water bottles nearly full of water.

A survey in Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and also Bengaluru, by #ringthebellforwater campaign of the Association of Principal Instruction (APER) and Research, revealed that nearly 68 per cent of children bring home their own water bottles still complete, indicating that they don’t drink water at college.

And 72 per cent among the 600 pupils surveyed stated they don’t drink water in the course, as their educators refuse to let them go to toilet. About 79 percent of the teachers that responded stated they don’t allow the kids to drink water during the course as it often followed by a petition to use the toilet.

‘That has been done to guarantee the children stayed fit,’ he added.

Not just Tamil Nadu, also Karnataka government is planning to introduce water bell in colleges in fixed intervals. Kerala government announced to establish the initiative after physicians pointed out that the amount of urinary infection cases were on the rise among children. Paediatricians urge that students drink a few litres water each day.

At a press conference, Kerela’s Primary and Secondary Education Minister S. Suresh Kumar stated the Kerala government would present water bell in colleges to help the pupils hydrated.

The bell will ring two a day – original at around 10:35 am, second bell at 12 noon and the third bell at two pm. Students will need to drink water when the bell rings.

The ‘water’ bell could turn the focus of parents school bathrooms.

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