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Fast Charging Your iPhones Might Be Bad Idea After All.

November 17, 2019
Fast Charging Your iPhones Might Be Bad Idea After All.

Apple rolled out quickly charging support with the initiation of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X. However, users with those devices had to obtain a different quick charger to utilize this feature as these devices ship using a 5W charging port.

This changed following the introduction of the iPhone 11 Pro along with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These are the very first set of iPhones which comes bundled with an 18W rapid charger in the retail package. They can bill mobiles from zero to 100 percent in under two hours.

After all the fuss about fast charging, it seems like the quick charger may not be a fantastic thing for your own iPhone. Many users throughout the world have begun sharing their battery capacity of their recently established iPhone 11 Guru and also the iPhone 11 Pro Max. In a few weeks, the maximum battery capacity continues to grow to 99 percent. However, it isn’t the case with this iPhone 11, which includes a 5W charger.

I have been utilizing the iPhone 11 because the India launch afternoon and until date, the most battery capacity remains at 100 percent.

The Maximum Battery Capacity is your measure of this energy that a battery can hold over the designed battery capacity. As time passes, the substances in the battery lose their strength which reduces the total battery capacity.

Apple introduced this feature on the iOS 12 following the notorious”battery gate” event, where users reported their elderly iPhones get diminished each of a sudden. This was due because of the fact that Apple started to underclock the CPU on elderly iPhones with poorer batteries.

This wouldn’t have been a much of a problem if Apple has done it with the permission of the owners. Beginning with iOS 12 the organization began revealing more insights to the battery health and battery usage standing.

When a phone is being billed by a quick charger, the chemicals undergo a rapid change that leads to faster degradation. A slow charger takes time to charge with slower compound changes, leading to lower chemical degradation.

What Do You Need to Do?

Batteries on each digital device get weaker over time. But a few of the reports recommend that a quick charger could just secure the procedure. While it is not a significant issue, we recommend using a 5W charging adapter to lower the battery capacity degrades. This applies for Android smart phones as well.

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